July 12th was another beautiful day for Optec’s golf outing. This time, we went up to The Casperkill County Club located in Poughkeepsie New York. The Casperkill Country Club was built in 1944 and designed by Robert Trent Jones. It was very nice golf course amidst magnificent oak trees, peaceful ponds and pretty quick greens strategically guarded by the bunkers. Although it was a little far away for most people, everyone had a good time, not to mention the nice weather.

“I was teamed with Arnie who educated me on the rules and etiquette of golf. His golf game was terrific and he was a real pleasure to play with. His 
easy-relaxed swings at the tees were something to marvel at…Roberto and Richard were busy competing amongst themselves. Roberto’s tee shots were quite impressive. At one time I thought we were going to call NASA to warn them of a rocket that left the 5th tee…Richard was the winner of the day with the “Closest to the Pin” shot. His tee shot was 15 feet from the hole for the par 3 on the 16th hole, Great Shot Richard!,” STEPHEN WONG.

“I played with a new friend Bob Weitsen who had a very nice score; I think he spends a lot of time at the golf course. I'd like to play with him again hopefully in Long Island, closer to home…Roberto and Richard kept their betting going. Even though Richard lost a few dollars to Roberto, he had the “closest-to-the-pin” shot (15-feet) Congratulations, Richard! John V. had a very nice round of golf. His goal is to play one round of golf each week. I believe his score will be at the low 80’s by the end of the season…Joe Schwinghammer shot a 35 from front ninth. Overall he had a very nice round of game and scores…The hilly terrain at the 10th hole (par 5) was the most memorable fairway,” TOMMY LEONG.
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The golf outing was a beauty. The Great Rock Golf Club, located at Wading River, New York, is a brand new course built in the year 2000. Each hole was surrounded with tree lines and nice terrain. The sand traps had a lot of small rocks, which gave golfers a little challenge. Despite the fact that the clubhouse was not even open for business yet, everyone enjoyed the game and the company. The weather was hot but bearable with ongoing gusts of wind throughout the day.

“Vincent started out with a few “bad” holes, but he finished with a nice round of golf. Vincent, we should go out again before the end of the season…While Joe and I had our own bet on place, Joe and Douglas were betting among each other. The results? I lost a dollar to Joe for the longest drive, and a few dollars went from Joe’s to Doug’s wallet,” TOMMY LEONG.

“At times, the wind was very strong. For those who know the game, they made adjustments to compensate for the wind in making their shots. For me, I was delighted just to be able to get my balls airborne. To make it even more difficult, the sprinklers turned on while we were on the green preparing to make a definitely made it more interesting…next time, instead of the longest drive, we should have a contest for the longest divot"? JOHN LOUIE.
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