Optec’s golf outing at the Royce Brook Golf Course started out early as a hot, humid and hazy day. That was all extraneous as the impressive greenery with the tree lined fairways seemed to beckon the golfers as they embarked on the 1st hole. The well maintained fairways and bunkers offered a challenge as they progressed on each hole.

Speaking of challenges, the tall grass throughout 
the course was the perfect hide-away for a few balls, “Paul and I definitely did plenty of advertising for Optec…all the Optec balls that were never found,” John. Golfers were also challenged by the 100 plus sand traps on the west course but as Tommy pointed out, “control your emotions.” So, if you like to challenge your ability to get the ball out of the sand traps and keep an eye on it while it travels  through the grass, this is the golf course for you. 

To the golfers’ relief, there was also room for relaxation at The Royce Brook Golf Course. The beautiful clubhouse served as a backdrop as they approached the last hole, offering a safe haven from the heat. Inside, the well decorated restaurant created an ambiance of relaxation and comfort as they gathered to share their stories for the day… 
Congratulations to Angelo and Bill on their beautiful shots:
ANGELO CASSANO: closest to the pin on the 14th hole – 23’6”
BILL SPOHN: closest to the pin on the 3rd hole – 32’9”

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… “I enjoyed playing with Joe Lowey… always trying to win a dollar from him. Joe, I am up for the longest drive again! … John Vecchione and I were trying to hit the ball out of the sand traps all day, while we saw Angelo drive the ball on the fairway every shot. By the way, John got me beat … I must also say that the tough greens got Joe Schwinghammer and I frustrated. The uneven greens didn’t help my 50 feet putting; however, Schwinghammer’s game got so much better from the last time I played with him. Joe, you must have been playing a lot … Gene Mullaney is a very good golfer. It was my first time playing with him. He didn't seem to have any problem playing the link style golf course,” Tommy.

… “Wow, golf is a hard sport!!! Never realized the diligence that is required to play and enjoy this sport. The humidity was so thick you can slice thru it with the golf club. The way I was swinging, that was the only thing I made contact with! Just want to say
thanks again to the other half of our foursome, Bill and Guy, for their patience in having beginners such as Paul & I join them,” John.

... “Due to the course design, some of us had to replenish our golf ball allotment after the 3rd hole. The tall grass that hovered most of the driving tees are now proud owners of Optec golf balls. The numerous sand traps made some of us feel as if we were at a beach with no ocean,” Stephen.

… Thanks to Stephen's guidance, Tony trekked, swung, and walked an extra 300 yards hoping to get his ball in to finish the hole, which, by the way, was the wrong hole. 

Paul had a great time driving the cart, asking most of the day, “Which club should I use?”

Mario was a bit frustrated not getting his balls up in the air, but his game and sense of humor was consistent and a joy to have as a golf partner.